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President Chen Xiaohong Investigated Teaching and Scientific Research Field of Clean Government Construction Collaborative Innovation Center



On the afternoon of June 28, Professor Chen Xiaohong, president of the university, visited the newly built provincial clean government construction collaborative innovation center and the teaching and scientific research base of the provincial clean government construction in Lingnan campus. Professor Wang Minggao, chief expert of the center, professor Chen Liying, director of the base, and the related responsible person of the collaborative innovation center participated in the research.

    Professor Wang Minggao and Professor Chen Liying on behalf of the center and research base, extended warmly welcome to the guidance and support of President Chen Xiaohong. Professor Deng Lianfan, the center director and chief expert made a brief introduction to the center and base construction. Studies on integrity, clean economy, management, audit, law and culture were greatly put forward.   


     President Chen visited with interest the forthcoming “ the essence of the Chinese and foreign integrity” exhibition hall, understood the preparations, and carefully examined the already built teaching and research rooms such as the conference room, academic exchange area, experts studio as well as the planning and purposes of the field.


Arriving at each place, President Chen stopped now and then to know the relative information. After visiting the whole exhibition field, she gave a high remark to the overall situation, thinking the handling from design, construction to each detail which embodied the heart and high standard. The whole project construction was with high level and good quality and got good effect.


   President Chen fully affirmed the achievements of the center and the research base. She said that the university would continue to support the construction of the center and research bases. She stressed that under the background of the construction of “Double Top”, the center and research bases must be closely linked to the national strategic demand, aiming at national first-class to build team, making great achievements and good results, setting a higher level platform, forming the discipline “peak” , entering the top three and creating famous brand. At the same time, we should give full play to the construction of key subjects and the key role of the newly-developing think tank, making it bigger and stronger to serve the master and doctoral application and make the school “three liters” target come true.