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2017-2018 Hunan University of Technology and Business Scholarship for International Students

2017-2018 Hunan University of Technology and Business Scholarship for International Students

1. Supporting Categories

Bachelor degree candidates: 4 years

2. Coverage

Full scholarship covers tuition fee

Partial scholarship covers part of tuition fee

3. Application Requirements

1> Excellent Non-Chinese citizens, with no criminal records and in good health.

2> No more than 30 years old for Bachelor degree study, who has a graduate certificate from the high school.

3> International students who are not funded by any person or institutions other than HNC.

4. Application Time: Before December 30th

5. Application Procedure

1> Register online: http://hnuc.ciss.org.cn/index

2> Submit the following required application materials to the university in duplicate, which will not be returned:

l Application form with personal signature and photo 

Copy of the passport (within 6 months validity)

High diploma (Notarized photocopy)

Transcript of the high diploma (Notarized photocopy)

Foreigner Physical Examination Form (Photocopy) (within 6 months validity)

Non-criminal certificate with official stamp

 6. Contact:

Office of International Student, Department of International Cooperation & Exchanges

Hunan University of Commerce

Second Office Building, # 569 Tongzipo Rd., Yuelu District, Changsha, Hunan Province, China.